Friday, March 16th, 2018


Next week in reading we will be reviewing nonfiction reading skills before taking our post-test. On Friday to end our nonfiction research clubs unit we will be celebrating by watching March of the Penguins.


Next week in math we will be our final week with fractions. Our lessons will focus on comparing fractions (>,< or =) and fractions of whole numbers.


Next week we are finishing up our research articles. We will also be completing our nonfiction cold write for the end of the unit.


Students are finishing their last week with Mr. Waller. When we return from Spring Break we will begin learning about economics in social studies.


Upcoming Dates

Spring Break begins on 3-26

School resumes April 2nd.



Monday (B) Strings/Library

Tuesday (C) PE/Strings

Wednesday – (D) Music

Thursday (E) PE

Friday (A) Art

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